We all have certain times in our lives where we feel stuck and can’t seem to find our way out. In fact, those experiences, especially when they last a while, […]

I’ve been intoxicated by so much beauty down here on retreat in New Mexico these past few days and simultaneously, watching, as our world reveals so much injustice and violence. […]

True commitment requires us to go within and ask ourselves what matters and what are we willing to do about it?? These are warrior times we are living in, requiring […]

It’s my birthday today.  I am 52 and just this year, I am learning how to grow up.  It sounds funny to be this age and to finally be growing […]

When I first came to yoga I was an athlete.  I could barely touch my toes.  My muscles were tight but strong.  But mostly, my body learned how to armor […]

A few years ago, one of my yoga teachers shared a wisdom that has sat with me ever since. She said, “When we get older we need to get quiet […]

Here are just a few ways: Study yourself intimately and practice self love. This is the practice of inner Svadyaya. Know your shadow and where you feel limited. Until you […]

Even now, after 30 years of yoga practice, as I write this article I realize the impact that a scarcity mindset and shame have had on my life. Questions swirl […]

LAKSHMI  LOVE ~ 5 week nourishing series for women. Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess who represents abundance and the principle of Shri,  the unlimited resource that always gives. She’s the outpouring of Amrita, the elixir of life!! […]