We all have certain times in our lives where we feel stuck and can’t seem to find our way out. In fact, those experiences, especially when they last a while, can take us into a feeling of hopelessness. We wonder if we will ever find our way out. Pema Chodren speaks so beautifully to this […]

I’ve been intoxicated by so much beauty down here on retreat in New Mexico these past few days and simultaneously, watching, as our world reveals so much injustice and violence. As a white privileged woman, I’ve been, quieting and tuning into what is coming up for me and how I am to take a stand […]

True commitment requires us to go within and ask ourselves what matters and what are we willing to do about it?? These are warrior times we are living in, requiring us to know who we are like never before. We have to take a good, hard look at our ugly and disowned parts and to […]

It’s my birthday today.  I am 52 and just this year, I am learning how to grow up.  It sounds funny to be this age and to finally be growing up but I am grateful that I even have that opportunity in this life.  To learn how to take accountability for myself on every level.  […]

When I first came to yoga I was an athlete.  I could barely touch my toes.  My muscles were tight but strong.  But mostly, my body learned how to armor in an effort to feel safe.  When I came to yoga for the first time, stiff as I was, I noticed a sense of elongation […]

A few years ago, one of my yoga teachers shared a wisdom that has sat with me ever since. She said, “When we get older we need to get quiet and still.  We have to let the inner body expand out more.  This is the work.” This was at a time where I was starting […]

Here are just a few ways: Study yourself intimately and practice self love. This is the practice of inner Svadyaya. Know your shadow and where you feel limited. Until you have done the inner work required, the attempt to raise your vibration will be in vain. Be humble and unwavering in your commitment. Have some […]

Even now, after 30 years of yoga practice, as I write this article I realize the impact that a scarcity mindset and shame have had on my life. Questions swirl in my mind like… Am I good enough? Are people going to like me? Am I going to be criticized or judged for my work […]

LAKSHMI  LOVE ~ 5 week nourishing series for women. Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess who represents abundance and the principle of Shri,  the unlimited resource that always gives. She’s the outpouring of Amrita, the elixir of life!! As women, all too often we give our energy out without first tapping in and allowing ourselves to connect and receive that very potent energy within […]