Nobo (North Boulder) Yoga Class Schedule:



5- Week Series

April 1st – 29th, 2024

Alignment is a basic theme of both Yoga and Structural Integration. The body’s basic capacities of support, lift, continuity and balance all rely upon alignment to express optimum function. In yoga, we get a lot of vertical length through the postures but we don’t get as much horizontal opening.  In this series, we will focus on alignment through balancing and opening the fascia in both the vertical and the horizontal structures, bringing the body into it’s more natural alignment.  This will be a smaller, more individualized class, limited to 8 people. All levels are welcome!

Time: 5:30-6:45 pm

Location: Online and in-person @ my north Boulder studio 4593 Broadway C-119
Cost: $108 for the series

One-on-One Yoga Sessions with Alison

Get personalized attention with support of the practitioner doing gentle fascial release in each of the postures and movements to help the breath to flow, the diaphragm to release, and revitalize the energy body.

75 Minute Session