Alison Litchfield
Embody Radiance

Embody Radiance is a holistic system of self empowered healing and well being that helps you engage in the world through the experiences you feel in and through your body.  Alison is passionate about helping you create and integrate daily practices and nutritional guidelines into your daily life.    As a teacher and educator she uses her many years of inner knowledge and wisdom in the practices of Yoga, Tantra,  Rolfing, Ayurveda, Peak Frequency health (the study of foods, herbs and plants) and embodiment work to help you live and embody your full potential and radiance.  Her offerings include public and one on one yoga classes, Rolfing 10 Series, individual bodywork and healing sessions, Personalized Peak Frequency Life coaching sessions, Women’s Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats and more.


Rolfing and Massage

Rolfing is a hands-on process based on a recipe called The 10 Series which re-educates the body’s tissues through touch and movement. These tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Fascia is a thin layer of tissue that holds the body together.


The Embodied Woman Programs

This online series is for women only,  health practitioners, students & teachers of yoga and anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of  what it means to be embodied as a woman in these modern times.

You will receive weekly practice videos, writing exercises and Peak nutritional guidelines in between. People who are local will have the chance to attend the zoom call live, if desired.


Peak Frequency Life

Peak Frequency Living is a system of self empowered health and well being where each of us remember the self healer and doctor within. It is the daily practice of resourcing from within and working with the higher frequency of our thoughts, habits, and choices to fill us with radiant energy in every one of our 77 trillion cells. To truly live a life of freedom is to utilize that energy on every level we exist, feeling its effect as enhanced mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states.


Embody Shakti Yoga Teacher Training

Embody Shakti  200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a deep dive into the heart of practice with yoga and divine feminine wisdom for everyday life. This intimate training is a transformational journey into the unfoldment of feminine consciousness. more…

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About Me

Teacher, educator, mama and student of life, Alison has been in the wellness world since 1990. She is committed to empowering the individual to realize their own capacity to self heal and live a life of wholeness. She emphasizes the importance of connecting to our bodies, each other,  nature, food and nutrition as a way of opening to wholeness. Her facilitation and teachings are an artful blend of releasing tension and stress in the body, cultivating meditation and breath work practices, using mudra’s and mantra’s to move energy and creating a diet that is both nourishing and energizing.