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Hi, I’m Alison!

Hi, I’m Alison yoga and wellness educator and somatic coach. Like you, I’ve been through the many challenges one faces in their midlife years such as family and relationship dynamics, health challenges and identity shifts just to name a few. Transformation is not always easy and at times, we doubt and try to convince ourselves that we are not capable.

As a spiritual practitioner of many years, I have come to understand that I am capable of much more than I think. My practice has taught me to accept where I am and do my best to meet each day with presence and appreciation, even when things get challenging.  Yoga has taught me that there is a continuous flow that occurs as we move throughout our lives. There is no end point to get to, only experiences along the way. We fall apart and get back up, hopefully, learning and growing from our mistakes.  In the world of somatics, we begin to access a place within the body called “the midline” or “the present moment”.

You may wonder how I came to this understanding? It all started on my  yoga mat three decades ago, moving and stretching my body in the form of postures.  I studied  fascia and the architecture the body and how the parts of us relate to the whole. Now this practice  weaves throughout my entire life, constantly moving, stretching and organizing my life in beautiful and profound ways.

Through this body-oriented approach, we build a deeper awareness of our physical and emotional responses, so we can better identify and regulate stress coming from the outer world and orient from our center. 

With commitment and a willingness to show up and do the work, change is always possible. I am here to support you on your journey of healing and wellness. Together we access the wisdom in the body, releasing stuck patterns and opening to new possibilities of well-being.

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Alison Litchfield

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I am here to support you on your transformative journey of healing and empowerment. Together we will access the wisdom of your body, release stuck patterns, cultivate resilience, and reclaim deeper connections with yourself and others.