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New Yoga Studio in North Boulder!

I’m excited to announce the opening of my new yoga studio space!
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Hi, I’m Alison!

Like you, I’ve been through the many ups and downs and transitions of life.  Transformation is not always easy.  At times, we doubt ourselves, we say we can’t do it. We believe we don’t have what it takes.  We compare ourselves to others who look more successful. We pressure ourselves to be something other than who we are, and ultimately, betray ourselves on a soul level.  As a spiritual practitioner of many years, I have come to understand that I am capable of much more than what my mind thinks I am. My practice has taught me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that every day is an opportunity to grow and learn from our mistakes, continuously recreating ourselves into who we imagine ourselves to be.

You may wonder how I came to this understanding? It all started on my  yoga mat three decades ago, moving and stretching my body in the form of postures. Now this practice  weaves throughout my entire life, constantly moving and stretching me to show up in ways I didn’t know I was capable of.

Through practice and commitment, any of us can transform ourselves by shifting our thoughts and viewpoint. I did it and so can you!

I’m here to support you through your journey back to wholeness!

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