Are You in Pain?

The Ida Rolf Method ®  of Structural Integration is a hands-on process based on a recipe called The 10 Series which re-educates the body’s tissues through touch and movement. Rolfing works holistically to address pain and integrate the body back to stability and ease.

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Ready to Feel Happier?

Whole-Yoga Method is a balanced practice designed for the individual to open blockages in the fascia (connective tissue) and re-align and re-pattern the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our true Self, helping one live a healthier and more balanced life.

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Need More Support? Whole-Life Coaching

I’m Alison Litchfield and I coach women in midlife transitions who are dealing with pain and changes in their bodies and lives and are ready to commit to reclaiming radical freedom and joy for themselves.  With over 30 years of training and practice in the healing arts and personal development industry, I bring this depth of knowledge to our work together. 


I’m Here to Help You Transform Your Life!

Transformation begins with a commitment to yourself.  No one can do it for you and no one can do it alone.  When women hit midlife, we can start to feel more invisible in society, not sure how we belong. Midlife is a time for a woman to make herself  a priority and commit to living a life of joy and fulfillment!   more…

My Approach…

  • Are you a mom or woman in midlife experiencing the pain of feeling stuck or lost in your identity?
  • Do you compare yourself to others and their successes before acknowledging all you have done to get to where you are in your own life?
  • Do you trust in others opinions before listening to your own intuition and wisdom, leaving you feeling frustrated and disempowered?
  • If you answered yes, you are not alone!!!  Many of us especially women, are conditioned put our authority outside of ourselves.  We trust our husbands, our co-workers, our healthcare providers or even friends and family before we trust ourselves. We then end up feeling the pain of loss around our worth and self-identity.  Pain can show up physically, emotionally and/or mentally and it’s all interrelated.  In my Whole Life Coaching practice, I guide and support you to transform pain (physical, emotional and mental) into reclaiming your freedom and joy so you can live a more authentic life.

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About Me

Whole Life Coach, Teacher, Educator and Mama, Alison has been in the wellness world since 1990. She is committed to empowering women in midlife transitions to realize their own capacity to self-heal and live an empowered, whole life. In her coaching work she emphasizes transforming physical,  mental and emotional pain into freedom, joy and passion to create a life of radiance and wholeness.