Alison leads Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshops, retreats, women’s groups nationally and internationally and works one on one with people to facilitate healing, growth and empowerment.

Alison got her undergraduate degree from University of Maine, Orono in 1990 with a BA in Interpersonal Communications. After graduating she moved to Boulder, CO and became interested in yoga and began practicing both Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga. She travelled to Mysore, India in 1997 to study Yoga and Ayurveda then came back to Boulder to continue deepening her practice at The Yoga Workshop.  At that time, she completed her certification as a Rolfer of Structural Integration at The Rolf Institute in 1998.  Soon after she took Richard Freeman’s first Yoga Teacher Training intensive  in 1999 and taught yoga for many years after that as one of Richards Senior teachers. Her teaching style is also strongly influenced by the Tantra traditions taught by Sally Kempton, Douglas Brooks, Shiva Rea and Chamelli Ardaugh as well as some of the principles of Kundalini Yoga. She is an ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor and founder of Embody Shakti Yoga School here in Boulder, CO. leading teacher trainings and women’s embodiment workshops.

Alongside with her yoga practice and passion for healthy living, Alison also spent many years studying holistic nutrition and cooking both with with Mother Maya through the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, CO. and in Italy and Morocco with Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures.

She is also co-founder with her husband Travis Robinson of Peak Frequency Life, a business and online platform supporting the shift to a conscious lifestyle with empowered purpose and optimal health through the proper use of peak frequency foods, herbs & pioneering information that transforms surviving into thriving!

Currently she is studying to become a practitioner of Raphaology medicine  with her teacher Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.

She has a sweet home studio in downtown Boulder, CO. where she currently offers bodywork and healing sessions as well as small, intimate yoga classes, privates, Teacher Trainings and workshops.

She is a mother of two amazing boys 10 and 14 and in partnership with her beloved husband and father of her boys. Her personal vision and mission is to be a clear channel for healing and transformation, empowering people to their full potential. She experiences herself as an empowered feminine leader, teacher, practitioner, mother, wife and active community member. Her vision is to live in a world where love and freedom bring a sense of peace and all beings are thriving!!

Alison has written these articles and more for Elephant Journal.  Check it out….

The Beauty of Imperfection

My Story

I lost my mother to cancer when I was 21. Losing a parent at that age was a huge initiation into realizing how fragile and temporary life is. The loss of my mother very quickly diverted me onto a spiritual path of seeking what was meaningful in life.  I had a lot of questions and it was a great time of disorientation for me.  A year or so later, I came to Boulder and I found healthy food, yoga and outdoor lifestyle.  When I first landed in the foothills of the rockies,, I felt like I had come home. I was an avid skier, climber and mountain biker at the time. I soon found yoga which allowed me to settle into my body in a whole new way. Syncing my breath with movement and letting go of the armor and resistance I had put up around me, allowed me to feel what was really present. I not only begin to heal the grief I was holding but I was able to feel gratitude, touching into the sacred grounds of my body and heart and trusting it was all going to be okay. I started to understand that something so much bigger was moving and holding me.

I share this story with you because my life profoundly shifted when I discovered the impact yoga, nutrition and ample time in nature had on my life.  Before I found yoga, it was easy for me to feel seperate, detached and disembodied. It was how I coped as a sensitive being when I was a child. It’s a lonely and disempowering place to live. Regular practice, meditation, spending time in nature and feeding my body high vibrational foods and herbs empowered me to be in connection and relationship with all of life.  The practice of embodiment has showed me that it’s okay to feel, in fact allowing ourselves to feel keeps us from getting stuck.  My commitment to my practice on a regular basis has lead me to teach and share these gifts with others.

Teaching embodiment and educating people about how to live in and care for their bodies wholeheartedly has become a huge part of my vocation. This continually unfolding path is a part of my soul’s creative expression as well as a path of learning to stand my ground and be in the flow amidst the complexities of my life. Practicing yoga and my commitment to my healing and empowering journey has given me a sense of Inner authority, where I acknowledge I have choice and choice creates my reality.

My offering is an invitation for you to let go of everything you think you need to change about yourself and realize who you are, in your truth, your strength and your vulnerability, held in a container of love. Then from there, allowing the transformation to occur. What if everything you seek, you already are? What if the raw and tender side that we try to push away, hide and ignore, is actually our power?  I can tell you from my own experience, it is.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone.  We actually can’t do it alone. No one can heal for us but no one can do it alone. It has taken me many years to drop that story. I invite you to do the same, get real and honest, allow your vulnerabilities to become your greatest strengths and face your deepest fears with courage and love. Through connection, honoring our bodies on every level and slowing down enough to see what’s really going on, we can uplift and create healthier and more joyful, inspired lives!