“Earth, water, fire, air and space, and the senses that perceive them. The center is the dancing ground.” ~Radiance Sutras

What Is Embody Radiance Yoga??

Embody Radiance Yoga is a holistic approach to yoga designed for the individual to open blockages and re-pattern the internet of the body, helping one to live a healthier and more radiant life.  Embodying your radiance means to become aware of the life essence within, the pulsing rhythm of outward and inward movement, the very rhythm of life itself. We return to the movement of the breath, the inhalation and exhalation, sustaining and purifying life and delighting in the in between spaces. We allowing ourselves to feel what’s present without judgment, acknowledge whats there and create new and evolved pathways to live by. Embody Radiance Yoga offers tools for self-empowered wellness and health, by embodying the elements of the natural world. It is a journey to our full potential as embodied and creative beings to live in alignment and connection with our truth.

Yoga Private Packages

Yoga is an individual practice to each person. Every body is unique a requires different attention. If you have any desire to learn yoga for the first time or deepen your practice,  receiving one-on-one attention will take you to the next level. Privates are a great place to begin your yoga practice.

Work  one-on-one with Alison, ERYT 500, who is a well respected teachers teacher to custom design your practice in person or via skype . Alison offers a wealth of knowledge in Vinyasa, Therapeutics, restorative and yin Yoga. She includes yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy, mudra and mantra practices, meditation and much more in helping you establish a daily practice that fits your individual needs.

Individual One-on-One Yoga Sessions

$100 per hour or

$150 for 1 1/2 hour Yoga and Nutritional Coaching

Schedule Appointment

Alison’s Class Schedule in Boulder

Tuesdays                    9:00-10:15 am – Embody Radiance Yoga All Levels                Home Studio Begins August 21st 2018

Thursdays                  9-10:00 am- Women’s Class, All Levels – Be Center, 1676 30th Street, Boulder

Friday Series            9-10:30 Women’s Embodiment Series~ Durga Power~ begins  September 7th-October 5th

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All levels are welcome!

What is the Practice?

This style of yoga has it’s base in the traditional roots of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Alignment based traditions, Tantra (meaning to weave) as well as the principles of Rolfing/Structural Integration. In this practice we blend physical yoga postures, movement arts, kriyas, breath work, mudras, mantras and meditation as well as indigenous wisdom of working in relationship to the elements and the original medicines of the ancient archetypes. These practices are designed to increase vitality by opening the channels, through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, the energies of the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body are said to flow. Through this practice we work to re-pattern our physical sensations, thoughts and emotions, raising our frequency to our desired peak state of being.

The Intelligence of the Body

We inhabit a body that communicates and processes information on a sensory level far more encompassing than our cultural view leads us to believe. We have access to massive intelligence that informs us through all of our multi-dimensional ways of being. Research has shown that a large percent of communication is non-verbal. We are exchanging information all the time even when we are not speaking. Embody Yoga offers tools, practices and lifestyle for discovering and accessing information within ourselves that comes from intelligence beyond what is already known.

We are Vibrational Beings!!

This art of embodying more radiance through yoga is a practice of remembering who we already are as vibrational beings.  It’s an invitation to bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings and emotions and work with them in the body. Through the practice, we move into the places where we get stuck and use the breath and presence to allow the life force to open and flow, creating new pathways of being. Embodiment is about acknowledging all of our emotions, thoughts, sensations and feelings, giving them space and letting them flow. It’s an invitation into the core of the heart connected to the root of the body to reveal our interconnectedness to all of life.

Shakti is associated with feminine and is know to be the creative energy in the universe.

Prana is life force energy and the foundation and essence of all life; the energy and vitality that pervades the entire universe. It is life force that flows in everything that exists. It is the connection between the material world, consciousness and mind.

It is distributed in the body through a network of the nadis “meridians” to every part of body. It is said there are 72,000 nadis in the human body.  Among them are:

3 Main Nadis (energy channels)

Ida, the “Moon”, connected with the left nostril

Pingala, the “Sun”, connected with the right nostril

Sushumna, the “Central Channel” within the spine.

Ida and Pingala criss-cross each other at seven chakras along Sushumna Nadi creating energy vortexes. As we move up along Sushumna Nadi the elements become lighter and lighter, starting with the five physical elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and then moving up through the spiritual elements of sound and light.

Our practice is to awaken Shakti in the body. Waking up what’s asleep. All yoga is about awakening what’s asleep. We do the practice to have more of these Shakti’s awakened.

Basic Alignment Principles of Embody Radiance Yoga

The first principle~ Earth~ Anchor your feet. Open and expand.  We start by relaxing our minds and bringing our awareness to the breath, the center of the heart and our foundation. We become aware of the body as whole.

The second principle~Water~ Open and be receptive to the flow of infinite source.

The third principle~Fire  Connect to solar energy from the sun and in the Solar Plexus

The fourth principle~ Air & Ether  Integrate these two energies of infinite space anchoring that within our bodies, connecting us to the sushumna nadi, the central kundalini channel associated with the river Saraswati that runs up the spine.  Here we are embodied presence connected and flowing with the pulse of all life.