30 Minute Stress Release Practice

45 Minute to Cultivate Commitment

20 Minute Recharge Practice

Yoga for Balance

How to Make Home Made Nut Milk

20 Minute Recharge Practice

Gentle Yoga with Alison-20 Minutes to Recharge

Welcome to Zents Wellness Room where we offer practices to call the mind and release tension in the body. Join us today for a self-care 20 minute recharge class.

Posted by Zents on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Calming Our Bodies in the Midst of the Storm

Spring Cleanse~Purifying the Physical Body

Spring Cleanse~ Tending the Emotional Body

Spring Cleanse~ Shifting Our Mindset

Spring Cleanse~ Kitchen Wisdom

Throw Off Holiday Stress

Practice for Vitality and Abundance

Cultivate Vitality for the Thyroid

Matangi Mudra to Cultivate Your Inner Commitment

Rest in Natural Great Peace

Embodied Woman Sadhana Practice 1

Vinyasa and the Art of Rhythmic Awareness

Sitali Breath to Cool Emotions

New Moon Intention-Ganesha Mudra

Self Love Embodiment Practice

Surya Mudra for Increasing Vitality

Transforming Shame & Blame