Loving Ourselves

Happy Valentines Day!

Aside from all the commercialism around this holiday, I find it to be a beautiful opportunity to celebrate love and friendship. These last few months I have experienced and felt the power of love in so many ways. I have witnessed the deep bond of love between mother and son. I’ve felt tremendous love for my family, my friendships and community.

Perhaps the most transformational and difficult love that I have witnessed and experienced in the last few weeks has been self love and loving those parts of me that I have disowned and abandoned.

In loving ourselves we begin to tap into unconditional love and the infinite, vast landscapes of the heart. The more we allow ourselves to love, the greater depth and meaning our lives hold.

This year, give yourself a hug or even a valentine card in gratitude for all of who you are and in those moments when you are hard on yourself, remember to practice forgiveness and compassion. We are after all, only human and we all make mistakes and have our flaws. I feel if we can put our hand on our hearts and learn to love all those imperfections, we begin to feel our worthiness, seeing beyond the lack into our whole, divine selves.

May you be filled with an over abundance of self love today!!

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