How to Stay in Peak Balance this Spring!

I love this time of year as nature is coming alive from a long winters sleep. Though we’ve had a very wet spring here in Boulder, the flowers are coming into full bloom and the buds of the trees bright, lime green. It makes me feel happy inside for this opportunity to start fresh.

As nature is thawing out, so are our bodies and along with the fresh, new feeling can also come a little sluggishness left over from winter. I always have to be a little more cautious or I can easily fall out of balance as our bodies are more vulnerable this time of year. I like to do a simple detox and cleanse by eating lighter and following these basic guidelines through the season of spring.

Here’s what helps me stay in peak balance this time of year:

-Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 quarts of water a day.

-Drink warm lemon water with a pinch of real salt (found in health food stores) upon waking. It alkalizes the system and cleanses the liver.

-Take walks or move your body with yoga as soon as you can in the morning. It will move the sluggish energy.

-Modify your caffeine and alchohol intake and if you feel really off, maybe take a week off or so until you feel more balanced.

-Get some nourishing massage or Rolfing to stay present in your body and move blocked energy.

-Eat lots of fresh, bitter greens, especially kale, dandalion greens, cliantro, watercress, arugula and spinach to cleanse the liver.

-Eat avocado, extra virgin olive oil (raw) and real sea salt (has all the mineral our body needs) every day.

Enjoy and be well and radiant!


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