Made of Honey

Last week before Thanksgiving, I co- facilitated a ceremony of deep healing and opening. A group of amazing, evolved beings came together at a mountain home close to Boulder. Snow was lightly falling outside and inside, the house was dim with fairy lights and candles. As people entered, they immediately smiled with gratitude for the warm welcome. We began yoga with a long supported savasana to get settled. The rest of our practice we dropped into opening our hips and spine, breathing awareness into the various sensations in the muscles, bones, tissues and organs. I could hear exaggerated out breaths of people releasing stress and tension from the day. The room soon began to get quiet and spacious as the sweet music of Deva Premal dropped us into a shared heart space.

Our intention for the evening was to hold a strong container and allow the collective to inform the experience while staying aware of our selves as sovereign beings. There was so much present in the group. The room was alive with everything from tenderness and grief to excitement and anticipation. There was no judgement about what you were bringing. Just a safe container to hold whatever energy was present. The evening unfolded beautifully as the participants, including us as facilitators, fully stepped in mirroring and reflecting to one another all the different beautiful facets of who we are.

My tantric teacher used to say “we are here to make honey and that honey is to be shared.” The name in sanskrit Madhurya means ‘made of honey’. He says to make honey we have to bring our individual experiences back to the community. The bees bring back the nectar and offer it to the collective. Then the collective turns it to honey that is then shared. The sweetness comes from the collective quality of engaging the heart which happened so beautifully throughout our ceremony. To me it feels like the joy of why we are really here. Sometimes it’s beautiful, ecstatic and playful and other times it’s ugly, disgusting and unattractive but as we churn it all together it becomes the sweet grace of being alive.

That night, there were many tears that flowed, hysterical laughs and big heart openings. Together we made beauty from the nectar of each one of our experiences. In these experiences we become whole, sovereign beings and then we get to share it as our contribution if we choose. There is such potential for a massive shift in consciousness from this place.

Once you’ve tasted this sweetness, there is no going back. I can say from experience it becomes a continuous invitation to love your life and this life we are in together. We are madhurya, made of beauty and meant to savor the nectar and step into our worth and value. The universe wants to share the ecstasy of life with us as we share it back in a co-mingling of light and dark and the dance of shiva and shakti (masculine and feminine). Many Elders say there is not a lot of time and there are really no more excuses. I am deeply touched and inspired by all the amazing beings I get to dance and play with in this divine awakening. It is what keeps me awake to the gift of being alive and embodied at this time. With a grateful heart I bow!

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