A Feast for the Senses in the Sacred Heart of Italy”

A Yoga & Meditation Retreat

with Jeanie Manchester and Alison Litchfield

“When you taste the rasa of life, you drink from a well that is never dry.”

— Ramachandra

Nestled in and looking over the rolling green hills of Umbria is Locanda del Gallo – a boutique country house immersed in nature and solitude … A place for relaxation, reflection, connection, and time to restore from the stress of everyday life. Jeanie and Alison are so excited and grateful to host a yoga and meditation retreat in this beautiful and lively part of the world where their friendship was seeded 30 years ago during a cooking course in Tuscany.

With all of the external uncertainties in the world today, many of us have felt the joy and creativity, the qualities associated with a “juicy” life, drying up. This retreat is a  unique opportunity to re-awaken our senses and taste the Rasa (which means juice or essence) of life. Through daily yoga, meditation, food, rest and visiting sacred spots, we’ll drop into this timeless place in the hills of Italy, connecting to the inherent energy of all life.