This morning my husband and I took our morning walk on the beach. We hold this time as an opportunity to deepen our dialogue around our visions and what we want to manifest in our lives. Today we were talking about the challenge of not knowing what’s next as we come to the last two months of our journey here on the west coast. Moments later we came upon some whales on the rocky tip of Point Dume, our favorite walk where the mountains meet the sea. We were also awakened last night by an owl outside our bedroom hooting. I am hearing the nature spirits loud and clear. They are teaching us to navigate through the unknown, rest in the unrest and be open to the possibilities that we can’t yet see. I sense many of us are experiencing some of this at this time on the planet. It’s uncomfortable!! At times I want to run home. The ocean is such a force and when you spend time with it, it churns you and opens you, showing you what’s in the flow and what needs to be let go of. I am grateful and humbled by natures teachings and bow daily to the great mystery of life.