Midlife Mastery ~ 100 Hour In-Person & Online Yoga Teacher Training

With Alison Litchfield 

Make a contribution to your health and vitality and be of service to humanity!!!

Have you, like so many people in the midlife years, been experiencing a lack of inspiration, void, dullness or irritability?? In these uncertain times, it is challenging to see a positive vision for the future.

 In the “Midlife Mastery Program” we will embark on a transformative exploration of yoga as a catalyst for empowerment and self-transformation during the midlife phase. This class invites women to step into their authentic power, harnessing the ancient wisdom and transformative power of yoga to navigate the challenges that may arise during this significant period.

Through a carefully curated blend of dynamic vinyasa flows, mindful movement, pranayama (breathwork), and meditation, we will delve deep into our bodies, minds, and spirits. Together, we will cultivate a strong and disciplined practice that supports us in breaking free from limitations, nurturing resilience, and embracing our unique path.

During this empowering training, we will guide you in building strength, flexibility, and balance both on and off the mat. Through targeted asanas and intentional sequencing, we will focus on releasing physical and energetic blockages, rejuvenating the body, and tapping into the wellspring of inner wisdom that lies within.

We will explore techniques and practices to cultivate mental clarity, focus, and discipline, empowering us to work through the perceived “stuckness” that midlife can bring. With the support of the yoga community, we will foster an environment of connection and encouragement, inspiring one another to step into our true potential and commit to the transformative journey ahead.

Midlife Mastery is an invitation to embrace the challenges and opportunities of midlife with resilience, self-discipline, and unwavering commitment. By awakening our inner fire and infusing our practice with intention, we can move beyond the limitations and fears that may hold us back, and step into a life of profound fulfillment and purpose.

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class offers a sacred space to deepen your practice, connect with like-minded women, and tap into the transformative power of yoga. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, igniting our inner flames and unlocking the boundless potential that midlife holds. Together, let us commit to the transformative power of yoga and embrace our path with discipline, focus, and unwavering determination.

Our 100-hour IN_PERSON & ONLINE Yoga Training for Midlife Mastery consists of 4-weekend format modules, Friday evening through Sunday. along with pre-recorded and live yoga classes and homework in between. Sourcing our aliveness and living a life of health and vitality will be the foundation of our time together.

Are you ready to reignite your inner flame and tap into your unlimited potential? Join us for a captivating yoga class designed specifically for women in midlife who are seeking to break free from the perceived “stuckness” and embrace their journey with renewed focus and discipline.

The training track will include:

-Yoga Sequences to support ground, strengthen, inspire, surrender, open, integrate and so much more.
-Breath work for health and vitality.
-Sound healing, Kirtan for awakening the Bhakti in the heart.
-Preparation for completion of the year and visioning in the new year.
-Global community building, connection and collaboration.
-Nourishing wisdom to implement into your kitchen.
-Learning how to teach and hold space in total dedication and devotion to serving the greater good.
-Guest teachers on hormone health, and nutrition for midlife as well as other amazing guest teachers.

Begins January 2024

This training is divided into 4 live in-person and online weekend modules over the course of 4 months with content given that is done at your own pace.

Sample Daily Schedule MST:

7 – 8am               Contemplation Practice
8 – 9am               Break
9 – 10:30am       Solar Asana Practice
10:45 – 12pm     Lecture

12-1:30pm          Break and writing time

1:30-3:15.           Asana Breakdown
3:30-5:30pm     Afternoon Workshop followed by Restorative Yin Practice

Yoga is the practice of choosing freedom and truth and coming home to love! 

Begins January 2024

In this 100 hour in-depth study program you will learn and explore:

  • Cultivating resilience in the art of Breathing.
  • Yogic techniques for healing and personal transformation.
  • The science of Yoga for health and vitality.
  • Mudras, mantras, and meditations to shift stuck patterning and awaken and envision your life.
  • Nutrition and hormones balancing for perimenopause and menopause           
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Structural Alignment, balance and integration.
  • Relational movement and somatic awareness.
  • The elements (Earth, Water, Fire Air Ether) as they relate to yoga and the body.
  • Cultivating a personal practice to support self mastery.
  • Vinyasa and Hatha yoga methodologies
  • Creative sequencing to open the pelvis, spine, shoulders and neck.
  • Observation skills such as the ability to teach to what you are seeing
  • Effective verbal cues and hands on adjustments
  • Injury prevention and therapeutics
  • Balance Structural Awareness with Flow
  • Incorporate high vibrational foods and   nutrition into your everyday routine.
  • Access spirit and heart wisdom through the body.
  • Learn anatomy and biomechanics in the body.
  • Learning to navigate your emotions and train your mind.
  • Understand energy systems and the subtle body.

Your Trainers

Alison Litchfield Robinson is an ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor and  and founder of Embody Shakti Yoga School. She has studied and practiced yoga in Boulder for 25 years and she is a passionate feminine co-creator and educator, leading Women’s Teacher Trainings, workshops and retreats both locally and nationally. She draws on her years of study with many inspirational teachers and council, Richard Freeman, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Adhil Palkivala, Shiva Rea, Douglas Brooks,  Mother Maya, Dr. Morning: Spirit: Wolf Chameli Ardagh and more. She is committed to teaching people how to live their truth through tapping into the innate power and wisdom in their bodies. 

Guest Teachers

Liz Stewart

Liz Stewart draws from 28 years of experience as a highly accomplished Structural Integration (aka Rolfing®) practitioner, trainer and somatic supervisor for mental health professionals and coaches. Liz’s approach to her work is engaging, connective and supportive, much like the fascial network that holds our bodies together, and includes a strong emphasis on body awareness. Her understanding of tensional forces, integration and connection sets Liz apart as a somatic supervisor and trainer.


Who is this training for?

Women in their midlife years who are interested in restructuring, realigning and recreating their life after raising kids, overworking and living

Are you ready to expand who you are and step into your life with courage and presence?

Do you feel the call to dive deep into your practice
and gain the skills and confidence to teach and offer your gifts as an embodied leader for change?

If the answer is YES, then welcome. We are so excited to have you!


$2499.00 or 4 Payments over 4 Months

Payments of any amount may be made by Paypal at paypal.me/alisonlitchfield.
*Contact me at [email protected] for details on per module payment/payment plan

$500.00 deposit to reserve your spot (non-refundable).

Make checks payable to:
Alison Litchfield Robinson
Send to:
808 Alpine Ave Boulder, CO. 80302

Location – 4593 North Broadway

#C-119 and Online

For more information don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

The Dalai Lama says “The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman”


“I can personally say that my experience through this Embody Shakti program was ground-breaking, earth-shaking, world-changing and I would never, ever have made a different choice had I given the chance. Embody Shakti was the single-most incredible turning point in my short life so far – without it, I would never be teaching yoga. I would still struggle with knowing myself on a deeper level. I would not have the beautiful Sisterhood I have now, and I would not have decided to dedicate my life to service, empowering the feminine, and healing the collective consciousness. I give enormous gratitude and thanks to Alison for opening up a passage for Shakti to move through me.”  – Jaelyn Kohl

Watch the video below from Alison’s first women’s yoga teacher training ever in 2013.

Alison Litchfield –
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“You only have to let the soft animal of your body, love what it loves.”
Mary Oliver