Navigating Through the Unknown

This morning my husband and I took our morning walk on the beach. We hold this time as an opportunity to deepen our dialogue around our visions and what we want to manifest in our lives. Today we were talking about the challenge of not knowing what’s next as we come to the last two months of our journey here on the west coast. Moments later we came upon some whales on the rocky tip of Point Dume, our favorite walk where the mountains meet the sea. We were also awakened last night by an owl outside our bedroom hooting for hours as if it were speaking to us directly. I am hearing the nature spirits loud and clear on this land. They are teaching us to navigate through the unknown, rest in the unrest and be open to the possibilities that we can’t yet see. I sense many of us are experiencing this as we navigate through these times collectively. It’s uncomfortable and at times I find myself wanting to run home to comfort and safety. Then I wonder if that even exists for me in the same way anymore.

The ocean is such a force and can be scary. As we stood on the rocks, waves powerfully and violently crashing into shore, I let that force move through my whole body.  It was exhilarating! I’ve found that spending this intimate time with the ocean has been transformative on so many levels. If you allow it to, it tosses and tumbles you on every level, showing you what needs to be let go of and refining you like a pearl in an oyster; into the essence of who you truly are. I am humbled by natures teachings and hold a vision that together we open our arms wide to the great mystery of life!!!

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