Rolfing® and Bodywork

Rolfing is a hands-on process based on a recipe called The 10 Series which re-educates the body’s tissues through touch and movement. Alison also offers bodywork combined with energy work to help clear blockages, trauma and pain integrating the body back to stability and ease.

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Embody Flow Yoga~ Online Classes

Embody Flow Yoga is a balanced practice designed for the individual to open blockages in the fascia (connective tissue) and re-align and re-pattern the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our true Self, helping one live a healthier and more balanced life.

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Embodied Coaching

Alison guides you on a personal path helping you to shift your lifestyle habits and patterns. She offers techniques,  practices and nutritional guidelines that will help you live with more vitality and joy.   Through the principles of Rolfing and yoga (yoga asana is not required), as well as following nutritional guidelines, we become less reactive, less habituated to our patterning, and more able to make empowered choices in our lives.


Embody Shakti Yoga Teacher Training

Structural Flow Yoga Teacher Training is a deep dive into the heart and practice of yoga combining  the technical precision of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, the body wisdom of Rolfing, and the holistic energy practices of Tantric wisdom and Kundalini practices. more…

My Approach…

 I take a holistic approach to self empowered healing and vibrant living, helping you to engage in the world through the experiences you feel in and through your body.  I am passionate about empowering you to evolve through releasing tension and patterns in your body.  In doing so you feel more grounded, upright, lighter and energetic.   As a teacher and educator I tap into the immense knowledge and wisdom that has been shared with me over the past 30 years along with my personal life experiences to help you shift and transform from your current state into an easeful,  flow state.  Please check out my offerings below.

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About Me

Teacher, educator, mama and student of life, Alison has been in the wellness world since 1990. She is committed to empowering the individual to realize their own capacity to self heal and live a life of wholeness. In her work she emphasizes the importance of spiritual practice, connecting to our bodies every day, spending time in nature, tending our nutrition and nurturing healthy relationships as doorways to creating a life of radiance and wholeness. Her facilitation and teachings are intended to help people release tension and stress patterns in the body, creating more flow, expansion and a sense of living in our peak state. more…