Embodiment Mentoring Program

IMG_1549What is it?

Two 1 hour and a half long sessions including Yoga mentoring, Bodywork and Peak health guidelines per month (either via skype or in person) to help you discover your peak lifestyle. We’ll be discovering your deeper intentions and harnessing your power to heal and re-pattern your old habits into new and higher vibrational living .

Email support and guidance.
Take home work and materials after every session.
Discounts to the regular workshops and masterclasses held within the year.


  • 1 month program – Investing $325 per month
  • 6 month program – Investing $325 per month
  • 12 month program – Investing $325 per month

Ready to take the next step?

I currently work with no more than 5 clients per month so places are limited. I will be with you in body, mind and heart when mentoring and in order for me to do this I limit the amount of people I work with. This allows me the space to be guiding at my best with you and also maintain balance with my other commitments and home time. I truly believe in self care and nourishment so that is what I practice and bring to you.

How To Book

When you are ready to make the commitment and to do the work with me by your side as your mentor, send me an email and we can set up a mentoring plan. I will send you the pre-course work so I can get to know more about you and then we go from there.