Raphaology Native Medicine

Raphaology (pronounced rah-fah-all-oh-gee) is created from medicine found in nature, and developed from world-sourced indigenous “cures”. It’s a unique healing system that blends the ancient know-how of Red Man, Viking, Incan, Egyptian, and Asian modalities with modern state-of-the-art therapy. Raphaology uses the body as the natural device for detecting dis-ease and applying native medicines and spectrum foods to produce amazingly effective physical, mental, and emotional healing. These long standing cultures used plants as food and medicine, the knowledge of their bodies for detecting dis-ease and the use of light as therapy. Their various healing modalities are recorded to have been in use for over 6,000 years, keeping the ancients free of the illnesses that have come about through the loss of this knowledge and disuse of nature’s elements. This is a natural approach to herbal remedies, whole foods and light/color therapy.

Initial Consultation~ I will do a full 1 1/2- 2 hour assessment and we’ll explore your relationship with food and body awareness, your diet history, emotional patterns, health habits and more.

Ongoing sessions include Yoga mentoring, Body awareness coaching and health guidelines (either via skype or in person) to help you discover your peak lifestyle. We’ll be discovering your deeper intentions and harnessing your power to heal and re-pattern your old habits into new and higher vibrational living .

Unlimited Email support and guidance between our sessions.

Take home work and journaling after each session.

Discounts to the regular workshops and masterclasses held within the year.


In our first session, we’ll spend 1 1/2- 2 hours together to assess where you are and what your health goals and aspirations are. We’ll explore your relationship with food and body awareness, your nutritional history, eating patterns, health habits and more. We will talk about your goals and develop a plan to help you reach them.

Behavior change doesn’t happen overnight – it takes commitment and support to develop a healthy relationship with food, yoga and exercise. I’ll be there for ongoing support and accountability as you make health and nutrition changes.

After the initial session, we’ll meet twice a month via video chat or phone. You can also email me anytime between sessions.


My goal is to help you get off the endless hamster wheel of health fads, diets and rules and instead, learn to listen to your body in a whole new way.  Not many of us are taught to communicate and ask our bodies what they need.  I work from an intuitive approach, helping you cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your body while learning how to take care of yourself in all aspects of health.

I can help you balance physical and emotional imbalances, alleviate anxiety and stress, depression, and help you feel more at ease in who you are. The practice of living a Peak Frequency Life is about learning to live a life of vitality. We eat based on listening and trusting our senses and intuition.  We open the life force channels in the body through movement so energy does not get stagnant or stuck. We explore your beliefs, behaviors, and internal self-talk while delving deep into what health and vitality means to you. I’ll help you clean out your kitchen cabinets, and replace unhealthy items with the higher frequency foods raising your awareness around food choices to create new patterns that will change your life. I will also give you a personalized yoga and embodiment practice to shift patterns that keep you in pain or discomfort. You will learn to heal and empower your relationship to food and your body, and get back in touch with the intuitive and instinctual self so you can finally live in more balance.



Foot ID Therapy Session         $100.00 Initial Session 1.5 Hours

Package of 3 Sessions               $275  for 3 1.25 Hour Sessions

45  Minute Check in Sessions $75.00

How To Book

When you are ready to make the commitment and to do the work with me by your side as your health coach, send me an email and we can set up a single session or a plan. I will send you the pre-course work so I can get to know more about you and then we go from there.