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April 16, 2016 - June 7, 2016

- $1,200

Embody Power for Women~

An 8 week personal ‘peak vibration’ immersion program

Why Embodied Power?

When we embody our power we relax into who we are and from that place, we take can take right action without depleting ourselves.  The Dali Lama said years ago it is western women who will change the world so we have a responsibility to shift the way we use power to create a shift in consciousness.  We are used to directing power outwardly so this course will teach you how to cultivate power from within.

Who Is this for?

Women who are interested in waking up to a peak vibrational life and shifting their whole lifestyle to feel more radiant. When we feel radiant from the inside,  we become a source of radiance for the whole.

Feminine power means creating our lives as an expression of our deepest gifts, what we came here to offer. It’s about realizing our higher spiritual potentials, our potentials in relationships and for our larger creative contribution.

What Support Will I Get?

  • A committed holistic practitioner who is sensitive to the individuals needs and uses an integrated and holistic body/mind/spirit approach to helping you feel better on all levels
  •  Support and insights in how to return to our inherent peace and power with an intimate support group of 6 women, going through their own individualized journey

What does it mean to ‘Embody Power’

  • Awareness of your center and who you are at your essence apart from others
  • Balance of strength and Vulnerability and integration of the masculine and feminine qualities we each carry.
  • Balancing our energy through Chakra Integration:  Care of Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit for Optimal Health & Transformation. Feeling the aliveness in your body and energy centers: your rootedness, your creativity & pleasure, your personal power, your heart center, your expression, your vision and your connection to divine wisdom
  • Allowance and receiving the power of who you are already. The understanding that what we seek is already within us.  The program is designed to help you feel and reveal what’s already there.
  • To know that you have choice on every level from what you choose to put in your body to what you choose to think about and who you want to engage with in relationship.
  •  When we take care of our own field of power and we are being a greater contribution to the whole

The program is designed to:

  • Release physical holding patterns in your body
  • Slough off the sluggishness of winter and raise your awareness and vibration to a higher frequency.
  • Shift your awareness to understand feelings and emotions as a doorway to becoming more conscious.
  • Change unhealthy eating habits for good
  • Bring balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit
  • Give you the tools and guidance to live a high frequency, radiant and joyful life!!!
  • Empower you to feel radiant from the inside out.


What You Will Receive:

  • 4 one on one 2 hour sessions with Alison which will include:

    Bodywork/Rolfing/structural integration to liberate your body’s holding patterns that inhibit the flow of the full expression of your life force energy.
    Access Bar energy work to release limiting mindsets and re-pattern and upgrade your belief systems to more empowering one
    Personalized nutritional planning – an individual assessment of your body’s needs to raise it to peak energetic frequency, with the guided use of plants, herbs and foods to repair, rebuild and restore through a peak frequency nutritional plan
    Personalized yoga/movement practices to optimize energetic flow in your body,

  • Kick-off half day retreat (April 17th, 2-5pm)-We will introduce the basic knowledge about the human energy system, the 7 Chakras (Sanskrit term for “wheel”, a center through which life force energy flows)
  • Group evening classes (May 3rd, 17th, 31st, June 7th 7-9pm)to provide guidance for the journey as well as intimate group support from like-minded women. Throughout the 8 weeks we will continue to focus on the chakras and find out which one’s are dominant and which inactive, learn what body parts, ailments and spiritual lessons are associated with each chakra, discover easy-to-learn exercises on how to activate each chakra in daily life and practical tools on how to remove blockages or weaknesses in the chakras and raise your vibrational energy. We will include yoga and movement, nutritional guidance, self-reflective writing,  goddess deity practice and sharing insights with fellow powerhouse women
  • Free weekly recipes for peak frequency food plan

 Optional Extras

  • 1 week of Peak Meals cooked by Alison to support you during your
  • Intimates~ A Small Group Shamanic Plant Healing Ceremony, women only!
  • Half price on Conscious Cordials to support your process


  •  A body, mind, heart personal intensive to reset your whole being
  •  A healthier, more vibrant and alive YOU
  •  Focus and clarity
  •  Clear old holding patterns in your body for new energy to flow
  •  Feel your peak vibration, alive and awake to your potential
  •  Repair, rebuild and restore your body after the sluggishness of winter
  •  A holistic (body/mind/soul) approach to your well-being and empowered radiance, with one practitioner who is tracking and offering healing to you on multiple levels over a defined period of time
  •  Guided and supported practices for body, mind and soul that re-pattern and connect you to your felt sense of awareness
  • Support in releasing mindsets and habitual patterning higher frequency.

Your investment

The value of this 8-week program is $1,200.

Investment for the first pilot program, starting April 17th – June: $695.00 (or 2 monthly

payments of $350, starting when you register)

for 4 personal 1-1 sessions, 1 half day retreats, 4 2-hour evening, , optional cooking classes, conscious cordial plant essence

peak frequency recipes

Discount for payment in full upfront: $650.00

This program is limited to only 6 participants per 10-week cohort, to ensure highly

personalized attention

Next steps

“When we take care of our own field of power and we are being a greater


If you are ready to unleash and embody your inner power this spring, call or write to:

Alison 303-579-2008 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot.

There are currently 4 out of 6 spots remaining for the April 17 program.

The next program will start on September 11th


April 16, 2016
June 7, 2016
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Lakshmi Temple
474 Marine St
Boulder, CO 80302 United States
+ Google Map
+1 303-579-2008


April 16, 2016
June 7, 2016
Event Category:


Lakshmi Temple
474 Marine St
Boulder, CO 80302 United States
+ Google Map
+1 303-579-2008